Conference Presentations (detail)

Subverting Expectations; Dissertation Theory Chapter. 2022. Presented at the 79th Annual Midwest Political Science Association Conferences, Chicago (10 April).

Secondary Sanctions and Public Goods Hedging. 2022. With Niccolo Bonifai, Woojeong Jang, and Abraham Newman. Presented at the Georgetown Political Economy Seminar, Georgetown University (16 February).

Alternate Universalities: The Origins, Conduct, and Impacts of Intra-bloc Competition. 2021. Presented as ISA Northeast, virtual (4 November) and Georgetown University International Theory and Research Seminar (6 December).

The Study of Transnationalism in IR: Towards a Third Wave? 2021. With Lucas Dolan. Presented at MPSA 2021, virtual (17 April).

With Friends Like These: The Disadvantages of Total Ideology in Alliance Building 2021, Presented at ISA 2021, virtual (9 April).

Complex Contention: Transnational Action and Liberal Disordering 2021
With Lucas Dolan. Presented at ISA 2021, virtual (6 April).

Everybody Loves Raymond?: A Neo-Aronian Approach to the Decline of the Liberal International Order. 2020. With Lucas Dolan. Presented at ISA Northeast, virtual (6 November).

Old Habits Die Hard: Soviet State Consolidation through the Appropriation of Dvoeverie. 2018. Presented at ISA Northeast, Baltimore, MD (2 November).